Monday, January 24, 2022
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UNILORIN Lecturer Turned Singer Says One Needs Not To Sacrifice Education For Talent

UNILORIN Lecturer Turned Singer Says One Needs Not To Sacrifice Education For Talent.

Dr. Abdulwaheed Isiaq, also known as Theorist, is a musician and lecturer at the University of Ilorin’s Department of Political Science. He has indicated that he plans to take Hip Hop music beyond the college campus.

The lecturer who also doubles as a singer made the revelation in an interview with Saturday Beats. He believes even though talents may rule the world, education on the other hand can help improve them. In this case, one doesn’t have to sacrifice education for his or her talent.

He said:

“The spectrum of academics is broad. Once one boards the bus, it can take one anywhere. I remembered vividly that it (music career) started while I was conducting a research on hip-hop and fuji artistes in Nigeria. I discovered another area of research which I titled, ‘The place of education and talents exhibition in Africa’. I realised that while talents may rule the world, education can help to improve then. So, one needs not sacrifice education for one’s talent, and vice versa. Anyone who has as much enthusiasm as I do would always explore beyond the walls of classrooms and libraries.

I am obsessed with making impact beyond academics. I also want to reach out to the common man out there. I want to be remembered for changing the world with academics and good music.”

When asked what inspires him to write songs, he responded;

“God is the first motivator. But basically, three things lured me to the studio and glued my hands to the pen. The first is books. Second is society, and the third is my life experiences.

I am a bookworm who is always obsessed with anything academics. I love research and I love to read. Whenever I start reading about an intriguing socio-political or economic phenomenon, I always feel the need to look for a way to coin them into lyrics and make it simple for the common man to understand the importance of such. Many of life’s lessons are hidden on the pages of a book. I am a poet as well and have written quite a number of poems.

My life experiences encompass my life journey, travails and lessons learnt. I don’t want people to be discouraged by their current situations. One’s background does not determine one’s future. Things are not easy out there, so I always draw inspiration from my life experiences, and look for how I could help youths develop and grow in all ramifications.”

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