Saturday, October 16, 2021
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Nigerian Military Reveals Real Reasons Boko Haram Members Are Surrendering

Nigerian Military Reveals Real Reasons Boko Haram Members Are Surrendering.

The Theatre Commander, Joint Task Force (North East) Operation Hadin Kai, Maj.-Gen. Christopher Musa has intimated that the Nigerian military will not hesitate to totally root out bandits from the country until they are all done for.

Maj.-Gen. Christopher Musa revealed that the soldiers are not relenting on their efforts in their fight against the Boko Haram and ISWAP forces who have been ravaging people in the Northern part of the country.

Musa explained that it is just the prayers of Nigerians that is causing the Boko Haram to have a sudden change of heart and not the hard efforts of the military.

Musa made his submission as he engaged journalists from Abuja on media tour to Maiduguri.

In his words: “It is the intention of the Chief of Army Staff to see that they put an end to the menace.

“A lot of innocent lives have been lost and developmentally, the region has gone backwards many years and it will take a long time before it can recover,’’

“Some of the surrendered insurgents will tell you they don’t even understand how they are surrendering and coming out in droves,

“I know there will be apprehension definitely but we are not taking anything for granted; we remain focused.

“Part of our training and part of our laws in rules of engagements is that even when you are fighting somebody and he surrenders you cannot shoot him and when you get him, you have to treat him well, you will give him shelter, just like any other person.

“But most people don’t really understand and they look at them and say we are pampering them.

“No, we are just doing what we are supposed to do but the law will naturally take its course. That’s why we were able to talk to the government and advised it to call the stakeholders meeting which was held about three weeks ago.

“One thing I told them is that whatever it is we are doing, we must sit back and reflect on how it started, what were we doing and how do we prevent it from happening in future. If we don’t address the causative factor then we are bound to go back to them.

“So, it is important that as we are doing what we are doing now, we should also sit back and assess why it happened,’’

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