Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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Microfinance Bank Staff Arrested For Staging Robbery Incident In Ogun State

Microfinance Bank Staff Arrested For Staging Robbery Incident In Ogun State.

Dare Adegoke, the chief of crediting and marketing at a microfinance bank in Abeokuta, the state capital, was arrested by authorities in Ogun state for allegedly collaborating with an armed robbery group to carry out attacks in the state.

DSP Abimbola Oyeyemi, the state police public relations officer, spoke about the crime committed by Adegoke and another suspect.

”Our men at Ibara divisional headquarters received a distress call that some people who went to a commercial bank to withdraw certain amount of money were being attacked by armed robbers. The DPO in Ibara mobilised his men and they went after the hoodlums. 

With the help of some members of the public, one of the armed robbers was apprehended.

It was during interrogation that the man informed the police that it was one of the victims who bargained with him to come and hijack the money his employers sent him to go and withdraw from the bank”

Dare allegedly conspired with an electrician to carry out the robbery while on his way to the commercial bank to make withdrawals for his job.

Dare, who was crying when questioned, stated he went into crime because of the money he lost from a bad investment.

”I am a person of Character. People know me.

I used to do online investment. I lost my money to it and together with the money I borrowed from people. I was scared. Nobody to talk to”

When questioned, his accomplice said Dare promised him N100K for the operation.

”He invited me to fix electrical appliances in his new home. When I got there, he introduced robbery to me. I told him I had never done such a thing before in my life. He assured me nothing would go wrong. He promised to give me N100, 000.”he said

Dare’s female coworker, who was with him when they went to the bank to make the withdrawal, stated she noticed the armed robber’s gun was sellotaped during the attack.



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