Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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Man Arrested For Selling Off His Newborn Baby After Lying His Wife Of Stillbirth

Man Arrested For Selling Off His Newborn Baby After Lying His Wife Of Stillbirth.

A 40-year-old man identified as Appolos Ndubuisi has reportedly been arrested by the police following reports of seeling off his newborn baby and lying to his wife of stillbirth.

According to reports, Appolos Ndubuisi was said to have sold his newborn baby for an amount of N350,000 but it was later discovered that the baby he sold was his own baby.

Appolos was said to have connived with a worker at the maternity home in the community named Rose Godwin Chinweikpe to sell his own baby.

Mrs. Janet Agbede, the Commissioner of Police, told reporters that the suspect’s wife reported the incident to the police after she got suspicious of her husband’s behavior.

“The complainant, Mrs. Deborah Onukaogu, accepted the story that her baby was a stillbirth in good faith and subsequently became pregnant again to the same man. Ndubuisi suggested that she should go to the same maternity home where she had the alleged stillbirth. Deborah objected but the supposed husband, Appolos Ndubuisi insisted and told her that they would sell the unborn child on delivery,” she said.

Deborah’s suspicions about what happened to the prior child, who they said died during delivery, were heightened by this revelation, and she assisted in his arrest.

Investigation revealed that the purported stillbirth of the first child was not true. The complainant delivered a baby boy on June 25, 2021, but the suspects conspired and sold the child for N350k.

“Investigation also revealed that N300k was given to Ndubuisi, the presumed husband to Deborah while the balance of N50k was taken by Rose Godwin as her delivery expenses,” she added.

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