Friday, December 3, 2021
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8 Year Old Daughter Of Vigilante Chairman In Enugu Abducted By Suspected Herdsmen

8 Year Old Daughter Of Vigilante Chairman In Enugu Abducted By Suspected Herdsmen.

An 8-year-old girl was whisked away in Agu-Amede community, Isi-Uzo Local Government Area, Enugu State, by gunmen presumed to be Fulani herders.

The victim is claimed to be the daughter of Mr Sunday Olinya, the Chairman of the Agu-Amede Community Neighbourhood Watch Group, also known as ‘Sunday Sharia Driver.’

A group of roughly seven gunmen invaded Olinya’s house with AK-47 weapons, but he managed to flee. After allegedly ransacking the residence and making away with some items, they kidnapped his daughter, Nmesoma.

According to sources, the incident appeared to be linked to the village of Agu-Amede, where Olinya is chairman, insisting that herders not come to destroy farm crops in their community three weeks ago after cows destroyed over 50 hectares of rice farms which were almost ready for harvest.

On Monday, Orinya acknowledged the attack and the kidnapping of his daughter, saying he had reported the development to the police and that detectives had visited his home twice.

“I was sleeping around 1 am on Sunday morning and I heard a bang on the door. I was sleeping in the living room so immediately I woke up. I heard the second bang I stood up and asked who is that? But I got no response,” he narrated. 

“I went close to one of the windows and looked outside, I saw two herdsmen with AK-47 rifles positioned to shoot. I rushed to the back door, I equally saw two herdsmen positioned with their AK-47. All the lights in the house were off but the security lights were on and my wife and children were still sleeping in their rooms.

“And they (herders) had positioned themselves around my house. So, the only option available since there was no network to call for assistance was to find a way to escape. Luckily for me, there is one window in the house that had no burglary proof and I had to escape from there.

“Immediately, they noticed that I had escaped they started shooting indiscriminately in my position but I was unhurt. However, in other not to attract much attention, they rushed, broke one of the windows and went inside the house. They ransacked everywhere, collected some valuables including money and my wife’s phone and kidnapped my eight-year-old daughter who was sleeping.

“My wife told me that they looked for her as she overheard them asking my daughter where is her mother. According to her, when they heard the shooting she and my son woke up and went and hid inside one of the rooms but my daughter was still sleeping in her room.”

Meanwhile, according to Olinya, his family have contacted the kidnappers and they are requesting for N15 million in exchange for her freedom.

“They told a family member who was in constant contact with them that they came to kill me and not to abduct my daughter, that I had unfinished business with them.”

Asked what kind of unfinished business he has with them, Olinya said “I don’t know. What I know is that my community asked them about a month ago not to come to destroy our farm crops. This happened after they destroyed with their cows about 50 hectares of rice farms in Akpouf Agu-Amede.

“So, during the incident, one of the owners of the cows said that his boy was wounded and insisted that he must be treated. Our community sent N50,000 to the Alhaji for the treatment of the boy herder he claimed was injured. Our people didn’t kill their cattle or their people. The same Alhaji had come to my house with other leaders on two occasions with huge money to allow them to graze their cattle in my community which were turned down.”

Spokesperson of the command, Daniel Ndukwe, confirmed the abduction of the girl but said that the attackers were armed robbers.

“What we had is a case of alleged abduction of one 8-year-old Nmesoma Olinya (f), on 21/11/2021 at about 3.48 am, by yet-to-be-identified armed hoodlums suspected to be armed robbers, who broke into their residence at Agu-Amede in Isi-Uzo LGA on the said date and abducted her, while her parents escaped. Meanwhile, full-scale manhunt of the assailants and rescue of the victim has since commenced.” he stated. 

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