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Yul Edochie Shares Message A Fan Sent Him Says I’ll Keep Everything A Secret, Just Take Me To Baba.

Popular Nollywood actor and movie director Yul Edochie has shared a screenshot from his direct message from one of his fans. Yul Edochie is known popularly for the specific roles he normally plays in movies.

Yul Edochie has assumed the roles of his father, veteran Pete Edochie in movies. He used to play roles like an occult member, a ritualist, and also grandmasters in most movies. Yul is seen in movies playing such roles.

Due to the kind of roles he plays in Nollywood movies, many people have tagged him as a ritualist or an occultic man. The actor has faced a lot of verbal abuse from some of his followers and also name-calling due to his movie roles.

Yul earlier on took to his page to disclose that some people have been coming into his inbox to beg him to help them do money rituals. He wrote on his page, “Some people are sending me messages begging me to show them where they can do money rituals. Come on now guys, come on.
Na film I dey act. Just like American action films where one man will defeat a whole city of bad guys. Na storyline be that e no dey happen. Is it now a crime to be a good actor?”.

In a new post, Yul has shared a screenshot from one of his followers who asked him to direct him to a “Baba” for money rituals.

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