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Upon all the numerous cows, the Chairman of Cubana Group, Obi Cubana received at the burial of his mother, he has been seen in a viral skit searching for one of the missing cows.

This skit made by famous Nigerian comedian, Mr Macaroni featured Mavin Records Boss, Don Jazzy, Poco Lee and Obi Cubana. Mr Macaroni held a meeting with his two billionaire friends, Don Jazzy and Obi Cubana to have a discussion.

Both billionaires made grande entrances by displaying their affluence which was entertained by some traditional performances. While having a conversation, Mr Macaroni recounted how cows became scarce over the weekend because they were all sent to Oba for Obi Cubana’s funeral.

This reminded Obi Cubana of his missing cow. He described it as a dangerous and special cow that doesn’t suppose to go missing. At that very moment, Nigerian singer Poco Lee served some cow meat to entertain them. Just when Poco Lee decided to tell the whole story, he disappeared after taking a bite of the meat.

But then, Mr Macaroni admitted to stealing the missing cow after others who took a bite also disappeared into thin air. He explained that meat was scarce in his neighborhood, so he sent Poco Lee to steal a cow from Oba, where Obi Cubana’s mother took place.

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