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Media personality, Ubi Franklin has disgraced a thief he caught stealing at the just ended birthday party of his son Jayden by sharing his photo online.

Ubi Franklin after catching the thief red-handed paraded him at the back of where they were doing the birthday celebration and shout angrily at him and decided to disgrace him by sharing a video of him on social media.

It appears Ubi Franklin did the right thing by sharing the photo of the thief as the reactions coming from citizens show he has been stealing on occasions and has been forgiven countless times but he keeps going to events to steal.

According to one comment, he even went to a church to steal and was spared because they retrieve what he stole and that wasn’t enough for him he has decided to go to the birthday party of Ubi Franklin’s son Jayden to steal as well.

Therefore, Ubi Franklin sharing a video of him making everyone see the kind of person he is might create awareness and let others be vigilant at their events by making sure they don’t take him for granted if they see him anywhere around.

That’s the Thief.
Look out for him wherever You see him.
He stole at an event the previous day and he came to try same thing at my son’s party.
Thank God we were vigilant.

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