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Apparently, Moesha Boduong is losing her sanity after seeing strange things in the secret chambers of her Nigerian boyfriend who is said to be 50-years old.

This new revelation is a fresh development to what culminated in her plight as shared by faceless Instagram blogger ThoseCalledCelebs. In an audio report posted on Instagram by ThoseCalledCelebs, we are told Moesha Buduong allegedly visited this unidentified man in Nigeria for her birthday celebration and saw some terrible things in his house but was warned by him not to divulge whatever she has seen to anyone.

Per the account of the narration, Moesha Buduong who had sleepless nights when she returned to Ghana allegedly revealed whatever she saw at the pastor’s house to filmmaker Kofi Asamoah and her serious Ghanaian boyfriend—and that was the beginning of her woes.

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