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Laura Ikeji Advises Nigerians To Increase Salaries For Their Fellow Nigerians.

Laura Ikeji, a well-known fashion influencer, has gone to social media to express her dissatisfaction with the state of the economy for those who do not make a lot of money.

In a video that the diva posted on her Instagram page, she said that now is the best moment for everyone who employs domestic help to raise the wages they are receiving.

Adding additional money to their salaries, she claims, would make a significant difference in the country’s economy, which is now experiencing a downturn and high inflation.

Laura Ikeji, a fashion and lifestyle entrepreneur and brand ambassador, has expressed her dissatisfaction with the famous adage “beauty is suffering.”

In a video she posted on her Instagram account, the beautiful lady expressed her dissatisfaction with the stunning and well-made braids she was wearing.

Laura claims that her hair was gripped so tightly that she thought it was interfering with her ability to think clearly, and that she had been unable to think straight because of it.

In her video she wrote:

Things Are bad in naija right now

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