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A Twitter user by the name Godwin Sharon has advised men to accept a cheating girlfriend no matter what especially if she is really a good person.

Sharon who often uses her Twitter platform to dish out relationship advice believes a lady who mistakenly has sex with another man deserves a second chance since it will be of grave consequence if the man severs ties with her by ending the relationship.

She wrote:

Don’t lose a good woman because someone mistakenly slept with her.

Apparently, the post did not impress some male tweeps and they expressed their opinion in varied responses, prompting Sharon to clarify her stance in a separate tweet.

She argued that men sleep with different women indiscriminately and always get away with it, sometimes after earning forgiveness from their partners yet they are singing a different tune when the coin is flipped to the other side.

She shot back saying;

Honestly, y’all are hypocrites. Men sleep around. Men fuck countless women and still come back to their girl & expect her to forgive him. But when a woman does the same, more so by mistake it’s a crime? Sometimes a woman can accidentally fuck another guy. It’s normal

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