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A tweep has savagely replied to DJ Cuppy’s post saying sense is far from her after asking why she’s still single and that shows how bitter the Twitter user is to give such an answer to harmless question.

DJ Cuppy in a tweet harmlessly asked why she’s still single despite been beautiful, wealthy, intelligent, and hardworking and this Twitter user decided to insult her by replying to her post saying it’s because she’s senseless.

According to the bitter Twitter user, DJ Cuppy is single because sense is far from her as the gap between her and sense is like Z the 2 end doesn’t touch each other which means she’s so senseless to ask that question.

Giving such a savage reply to a very harmless question is uncalled for as what DJ Cuppy tweeted didn’t warrant any insult but this Twitter user decided to insult her rather and some die hard fans of Cuppg didn’t let it slide.

Cuppy has accepted the fact that she’s the most abused online and seems to have decided not to go down to the level of this bitter Twitter user who decided to insult her over a harmless question.

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