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Tonto Dikeh has officially declared herself as the Honourable Minister of Happiness’ as the world marks Father’s Day.

The delectable thespian honoured herself for playing the role of a father and mother in the life of her only son, King Tonto since she severed all ties with her former husband, Olakunle Churchill.

Beyond that, Tonto Dikeh encouraged fathers to continue with their good works while urging women who are equally playing the same role because of their irresponsible husbands to do so willingly without habouring any resentments towards the men.

Dear life I guess you gave this job to me to mock me but Hey, Am kicking your ass and Acing all your blows.. Happy Father’s Day to ME.. Happy Father’s Day to All the Fathers out there, We do not take your Love, Strength, Hussle and Selflessness for granted You are celebrated today and Always and To those females who represent the role of a father in their child/Children I say Well done.. We should learn to do this JOB without HATE in our heart, We should learn to FORGIVE so we too can be blessed.. FORGIVENESS DOESNT REQUIRE RECONNECTION.. FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR CHILD/CHILDREN IF THE FATHER DECIDES TO START PAYING CHILD SUPPORT AND CONTRIBUTING EMOTIONALLY, DO NOT STOP THEM.. Where you get NONE DO THIS JOB(FATHERHOOD) WITH LOVE, JOY, HAPPINESS AND WITHOUT A TRACE OF BITTERNESS . Do not sell hatred to your kids but teach them the TRUTH Love them unconditionally THEN WATCH WHAT GOD WILL BRING YOUR WAY.. HAPPY AMAZING FATHERS DAY🥰 #KINGTONTO #TONTODIKEH #MAMAAFRICA #RADICAL4JESUS #MAMAKING #MAMADEPAPA #MRMOM #HON. Minister of Happiness

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