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Tacha Blows The Conversation Between Facebook & Twitter Open Says The App Sends Me Off Every Time.

2019 Big Brother Naija star Tacha has blew the conversation between Facebook and Twitter wide open. Over the years, there has been several debates on several platforms as to which application (app) between the two famous and popular social media sites (Facebook and Twitter) is more fun and lovely to use.

According to many social media users who side with Facebook, the app seems to be like an open market and its very accessible. Making a post and commenting on other people’s post is so simple that it attracts most young ones in using the app more than any other social media application.

Most social media users who loves Twitter also always brag about how the app is well designed and how one can easily join a large range of conversation on topics that is trending around the country and the world as a whole. Twitter users always brag about the kind of conversation that goes on on the app, as it’s basically made for ‘intellectuals’.

Well Tacha seems to side with those who pick Twitter over Facebook as she has revealed that Facebook always sends her off every time she is on the app. She said it seems users on Facebook are in the own league as the ‘world’ there is totally different from the one on Twitter.

Facebookers are on their own league!! The App sends me off everytime

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