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Nigerian singer, Simi’s mum has reached to her fellow Nigerian brothers and sister beckoning them to desist from speaking negativity into the country.

This comes after reports of killings, rise in banditry amid high insecurity state of the country which has led many to figure out options of leaving the country for safety elsewhere and on due to this, a lot of distraught citizens have been insulting and cursing the leadership blaming them for ills happening in Nigerian.

Wading into the conversation, Simi mum, who uses the Twitter ID @Jedishola is hopeful that Nigeria will be back on its feet again and urged the citizen to stop prophesying  doom into Nigerian.

She tweeted;

Nigeria yi ti gbogbo wa ni. Koma gbodo baje. Ko ma sibo miran ti ale lo. Ajo oda bi ile. Eje kasowo po kafimo sokan. Gbe kemi gbe. Nigeria is blessed and shall rise again. Stop prophesying negative into Nigeria. Say what you want to see and not what you are seeing.

Some of those cursing others actually went to church this morning. I wonder what you went there to do. What are you reading in your Bible and what were you told by your pastors in church or imams in the mosques? How can you expect good from a nation that you curses daily? So sad

It is so disheartening seeing how people rain curses on others because they don’t agree with their opinion. Why can’t u discuss with maturity? Why use foul language to drive home your point? We claim to be Christians/Muslims but we are mostly worse than those we call unbelievers

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