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Paul Okoye, Rudeboy has cried out over the insecurity in Nigeria lamenting that there’s no single good news in the country as the day passes by.

Paul Okoye, Rudeboy just like every other person living in Nigeria lamented over the killings and insecurity in the country putting them in fear as there’s always bad news of something happening somewhere in Nigeria.

According to Paul Okoye, Rudeboy, there’s no single good news in Nigeria and even the so-called presidential spokespersons are just making things worse and the government is even clueless about what to do to solve this insecurity going on.

Paul Okoye, Rudeboy then slammed the Nigerian government and all the leaders and elected officials calling them shameless people for folding their arms and not doing anything when the lives of innocent people are being lost.

Nigeria is indeed falling into anarchy and Paul Okoye, Rudeboy, and all other concerned citizens are just worried that they probably have to endure all these for another 2yrs before they change government living in fear of dying any moment.

Nigeria is not safe at the moment and the government just as Paul Okoye Rudeboy said is just making things worse by folding their arms doing nothing while the president flies to Mali to make sure peace reigns.

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