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LGBTQ activist Pamela Adie has taken to her page to say that the late man of God Temitope Balogun Joshua also known as TB Joshua caused more harm than good to many people.

According to the activist, the man of God caused more harm to a lot of people especially the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender, and Queer folks whom he conducted ‘conversion’ therapy. Pamela has that in as much as other people feel sad about the death of the man of God, she however feels different about the death of TB Joshua.

Pamela Adie has disagreed with all the people singing songs of praises and also talking about the good things TB Joshua did before his demies. According to her, TB Joshua camped people in his church to heal them of their infirmities but he went to the hospital to seek medical attention before his demise.

“TB Joshua died on the way to the hospital after being ill for a few days. He was on his way to the HOSPITAL. That is he left people camped in his church waiting for him to heal them and made his way to the hospital to seek medical attention.”

“Wonderful! Some might feel the impact of his death but I’m different about his death. He caused a lot of people to harm especially LGBTQ folks who conducted “conversion” therapy on and which obviously did not work. I’m happy that some people who are really ill may finally get the medical help they need rather than waiting on anointing oil and “miracle water” to heal them” she wrote on her Facebook.

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