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Actress Nkechi Blessing has cried out over how Nigerians don’t respect their celebrities asking them to travel abroad and see how they are valued.

Nkechi Blessing not pleased about how Nigerians hate and insult their entertainers at any given time asked them to travel abroad and learn or see how they value their entertainers or celebrities more than Nigerians do.

According to Nkechi Blessing, those abroad value their entertainers and all those who bring smiles unto their faces but when it comes to Nigeria, they would rather insult those who entertain and bring smiles unto their faces.

Nkechi Blessing then added that some Nigerians even go on the pages of these international entertainers or celebrities and appreciate them more than they appreciate their own celebrities or entertainers back in Nigeria.

To Nkechi Blessing, Nigerians do not appreciate their own entertainers or celebrities because the hate they have for them is too much and she believes the country would be better if they change their attitude towards each other.

The insult and hates Nigerians have for their celebrities calling them ‘yeyebrities’ has been bothering Nkechi Blessing and that has made her urged Nigerians to travel abroad and see how celebrities are appreciated.

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