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Actress Mercy Aigbe has shaded her ex-husband Lanre Gentry as she closes the chapter for this year’s father’s day saga with him calling him a deadbeat father.

Mercy Aigbe and her ex-husband have been dragging each other every year over her father’s day message to herself for playing the role as both a father and a mother and this year’s own wasn’t exceptional as they dragged each other.

Mercy Aigbe and her ex-husband dragged each other through the mud to the point of labeling Mercy as a prostitute and giving birth to someone’s child but passing it on to him as his warning her that he will bring her down.

Mercy Eke has finally decided to end all the brouhaha that happened between them yesterday but then shaded her ex-husband in her message saying celebrating herself on father’s day shouldn’t be anyone’s headache unless you fall under what she wrote.

According to Mercy Aigbe, someone called her mama ‘D’ papa yesterday and she liked it as that summarize who she is to her children adding that the phrase ‘na man you be’ doesn’t literally mean the person it’s been said to must be a man and that’s her situation now.

Btw I am not calling myself a Man oh! I am a Beautiful, Bold, Strong Queen 😍 and celebrating myself on Father’s Day shouldn’t be anybody headache really ( only if you fall into the category of dead beat dads) ….. I celebrate myself coz I play the role ‘father’

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