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Former housemate of Big Brother Naija Kaisha Umaru has shared her post after she received a hot slap from colleague housemate Lucy at the Big Brother reunion.

The reunion show ended in drama and a brutal fight between Kaisha and Lucy. The fight between Lucy and Kaisha ignited after Kaisha rose up the issue between herself and Ka3na when they all met at the boat night cruize.

According to Kaisha, Ka3na disrespected her mother when she ignored her and also asked her to follow her home to take a photo with her if she wanted to. Kaisha described Ka3na’s response as disrespectful and rude. She also made it known that she does not joke with issues when it’s connected to her family.

In the course of the argument with Ka3na, Kaisha drifted the argument to Lucy and later threw a pillow at Lucy. Lucy who also lost her cool with Kaisha stood up and slapped Kaisha and fought her till the two were separated.

After hours after the incident, Kaisha took to her Twitter page and wrote, “if you disrespect my mum consciously or unconsciously you will see craze period!! My family over everything..”

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