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BBNaija star Ike Onyema and actress Omobewaji have fumed at those showing Obama DMW fake love after his death asking them to keep their fake love.

Ike Onyema called out those commenting and posting photos of Obama DMW after his death but never posted or commented on his post when he was alive calling them fake and asking them to keep their fake love to themselves.

Actress Omobewaji also didn’t understand why people rushed to follow Obama DMW after his death to increase his followers on social media, saying they are either crazy or not okay to follow someone after his death.

Actress Omobewaji then fumed angrily asking whether they followed him when he was alive and now that he’s dead they are following him wondering if they are mad or they want to ask him to buy them something in heaven.

Omobewaji added that we should celebrate people when they are alive by giving them the flowers, supports, and everything we can when they are here and not trying to show fake love to them when they are no more.

Death is something no one wishes for his fellow therefore most people turn to get emotional when they hear about the death of others even if they never liked or knew the person and that is what some people term as fake love but most of them aren’t fake.

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