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BBNaija star, Gifty Powers, has lamented over how sickening it is to be a Nigerian saying it’s a shame looking at how the country is being ruled.

Gifty Powers in a post lamented over how money and bribe come first before human lives in Nigeria and how the leaders only care about their selfish interests and not the interest of their people or local dummies saying Nigeria is a joke.

According to her, now that UAE has ban Nigerians from entering their country, other countries will soon follow by banning visas for Nigerians just like UAE has, done and truth be told, it’s a damn shame to be called a Nigerian.

Gifty Powers then reminded Nigerians saying they all see why Donald Trump gave a visa ban over Nigerians since the country has become a lawless one and even Togo is now better than Nigeria in terms of so many things.

Speaking to whoever controlling the president of Nigeria, Gifty Powers prayed that may Allah visit that person with koboko because they seem not to be bothered about what is going on in the country and are only interested in their selfish interest.

Nigeria today has turned upside down as the leaders of the country think the citizens are against them when they have refused to do their duties and the citizens are also angry with the leaders for putting their selfish interest first and not theirs.

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