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Some concerned fans of Mavin Record boss Don Jazzy have been asked him to forget Rihanna and settle down with Cameroonian artist Queen Mimba after sharing this photo.

Don Jazzy in his usual elements shared some photos with the Cameroonian artist when she went to visit him in his office and some citizens reacting to the photos asked him to forget about Rihanna and settle with the lady.

We all know Don Jazzy is in an entangled relationship with Rihanna who is currently dating A$AP and for that reason, some citizens have asked him to forget about Rihanna and settle down with the Cameroonian artist since they look good together.

According to some citizens, Don Jazzy has finally found himself a wife as he and the Cameroonian artist look good together and they will make a lovely couple therefore he should leave Rihanna for A$AP and settle down with this lady.

Don Jazzy obviously isn’t looking for someone to marry now and if he was he would have probably find the woman of his dreams and won’t allow himself to get married to someone just because others think they look good together as couples.

After Don Jazzy‘s first marriage, he hasn’t said anything about getting married any time soon and his entangled relationship with Rihanna is just for the cruise since he would have shoot his shots a long time if he was really interested in her.

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