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Mavin Record boss, Don Jazzy, has disclosed why he’s so scared for already established artists who decide to be lazy in this era.

Don Jazzy talking about the change that has occurred in the industry this era said he’s scared for already established artists who decide to be lazy and run on the fame they already have as that won’t last them any longer.

According to Don Jazzy, the quality music that these young new artists are making is 100% and he listens to them making him scared for any established artists who decide to be lazy moving forward and ride on their past glory.

Per the post of Don Jazzy, he’s scared that these new artists will take over the airwaves very soon and the established ones who decide to be lazy would have to struggle to compete with them before their songs can be heard.

Coming from a very good artist now music producer, it’s clear the new artists are prepared to take over the airwaves but then Don Jazzy is scared for the established ones who will decide to be lazy as they would be left behind.

In the era in which we are in now, no one can ride on their past glories, and moving forward the established artists would have to compete strongly with the new artists judging from what Don Jazzy said.

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