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Dencia Says Psquare Coming Back As A Group Will Be The Biggest Thing In African Entertainment.

Singer Dencia has weighed into the coming back of Paul Okoye and his twin brother Peter Okoye as Psquare music group saying it will literally be the biggest thing in Africa.

Dencia who is as eager as almost all of us tweeted saying Psquare coming back together as a group will literally be the biggest thing in African entertainment history as they are loved as a group across the world.

According to Dencia, if Psquare should come back as a group, their shows would be sold out in a second as they literally together hold the heart of entertainment on the African continent and no one can argue about that.

Dencia ended with a joke asking those who would argue with her to argue with their ancestors who would also attend the show if Paul Okoye and his brother Peter Okoye decide to come back as Psquare.

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