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Actress Chacha Eke Faani and her husband Austin have celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary with some lovely photos of their family.

8yrs after saying I DO, Chacha Eke and her husband Austin have a very beautiful family of 6 with 4 children including themselves making it 6, and today they have all shared the love and glory in celebrating their wedding anniversary.

Chacha Eke sharing the photos of her family to crown their 8th wedding anniversary thanked God for being so good to her and her family with all that they have been through for the past years ever since they got married.

No marriage is full of roses therefore we believe Chacha Eke and her husband Austin also had their share of the bitter cake in their marriage for the past 7yrs and were able to overcome it to celebrate their 8th wedding anniversary.

Today is all going to be about love in the house of Chacha Eke and we know friends and loved ones would celebrate their 8yrs journey with them and pray they are able to overcome all obstacles in the future as they continue their marital journey.

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