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Crossdresser Bobrisky has disclosed that he’s going to gift a random fan of his brand new Benz on his birthday on 31st August to shame his haters.

Bobrisky celebrated his father’s birthday in a memorable way by gifting him a brand new white Benz and money cake and now is going to give a random fan of his another car on his birthday to prove something to his haters.

According to Bobrisky, on the 31st of August his birthday, he’s buying a fan a brand new Benz worth 10 million as he wants to prove to bad people that his money is long and regardless of their hate towards him.

Bobrisky added that his heart will always forgive those who hate him because God keeps blessing him each day therefore he’s going to buy the car and keep it until his birthday then he will give it to a lucky random fan.

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