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Crossdresser Bobrisky, has advised ladies who twerk naked on the gram to put a stop to it because men now love women with class and not ass.

Bobrisky in his goodness decided to share some words of advice with these ladies who twerk naked on the gram for men’s attention asking them to put a stop to it and build themselves rather and become classy.

According to Bobrisky, men now love women with class, and money so if you are twerking every day naked on IG to show them your nyash size, they are only going to use you as a $3x slave and dump you after that.

The saddest part is if they are done with that the nyash you’ve been shaking on the gram, they will stop picking your calls and go for another hence you have to build yourself and become classy to keep a man these days.

Bobrisky then added that men can’t stand defeat so the moment they realize a woman is above their level, they try everything in their power to get her to themselves and the only way to defeat a man is by acquiring money and having class.

With money, cars, houses, and being classy, Bobrisky has assured ladies that they will be able to keep the men in their lives and not posting naked a$$ and bodies on social media as that will only make them use and dump you.

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