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The reason why Bobrisky and his former best friend Tonto Dikeh have been dragging each other on the gram has been attributed to an N5 million Tonto borrowed.

According to a post by a blogger, Tonto Dikeh borrowed an amount of N5 million from Bobrisky when they were still best of friends and went to Dubai for vacation but then has refused to pay the money to date.

Bobrisky in one of his replies to Tonto Dikeh confirmed the fact that she’s owing her N5 million asking her to pay her debt and stop fighting her and this shows that they have been dragging each other on social media because of the money.

Per the post of the blogger, Tonto Dikeh thought Bobrisky was keeping her secrets but unknowing to her Bobrisky has shared her secrets with another person he regards as his best friend among other things that happened between that.

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