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Comic actor AY Comedian has quizzed Nigerians on what exactly they are killing each other for as he reacts to the insecurity going on in the country.

AY Comedian in his post was wondering what exactly Nigerians are fighting for that they have been killing each other in the country and now the insecurity in the country is just rising and might even fall into anarchy.

AY Comedian quizzed at what point Nigerians left from being each other’s keeper to being each other killer asking what exactly they are fighting for that now no one has empathy for his fellow human and just kills others like animals.

According to AY Comedian, those fighting should remember that those who live by the sword die by the sword therefore whether they are killing each other for vengeance, power, money, political achievement then they will also die one day.

The insecurity and killing of innocent citizens in Nigeria are putting almost everyone in fear as you don’t know when someone you call a brother will turn out to kill you and AY Comedian and all of us are wondering why the killings.

The president of the country seems not interested in the affairs of the country and some people have taken the laws into their hands but just as AY Comedian said, he who lives by the sword will definitely die by the sword.

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