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BBNaija reality show star, Alex Unusual, has instructed dirty men who wear one boxer always to wash them once they wear it because it’s not part of their body.

Alex Unusual shares her random thoughts about how some men aren’t hygienic and don’t even bother taking care of themselves instructed them to be at least washing their boxers and taking their baths always.

Alex Unusual in her post asked guys to wear their boxers once and wash them because it’s not part of their body and they should also take their baths and brush their teeth always and stop wearing designer clothes and gold chains on the dirt.

Alex Unusual went on to state that it’s not about having a bath when you need to go out for parties or when a girl is coming over and it’s also not about wearing perfumes and not having a bath as that makes them dirty.

Your whole house can be clean but you are still dirty if you don’t take your bath, or you can even have all the money in this life and still have body odor except it’s a health condition and not as a result of your poor hygiene, Alex Unusual added.

Alex Unusual then shaded dirty people saying they are allowed to attack her because of the post she made but if you don’t have a health condition and you attack her because you feel guilty of what she said your brain should be exchanged for soap.

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