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Actor, Alex Ekubo, has made it perfectly clear to his fiancee Fancy that they aren’t going to have sex until they finally get married as husband and wife.

Fancy commenting on a photo of Alex Ekubo said her ovaries to show how lovely he looks and possibly wish to have a son who looks exactly like him but was disappointed with the reply Alex Ekubo gave her.

Alex Ekubo replying to his fiancee Fancy asked her to calm down till after November when they are finally joined together as husband and wife making it clear to her that there isn’t going to be any intimacy between them till then.

Alex Ekubo got some netizens and his colleagues laughing with the reply he gave his fiancee who was just wishing to have a child who looks exactly like him when she never mentioned whether they should have the child now or not.

Alex Ekubo trying to be on a safer side just made things clear to Fancy that there isn’t going to be any intimacy therefore she should be calming herself down with her ovaries till after November when they get married.

Fans and colleagues of Alex Ekubo are eagerly waiting for him to get married hence can’t wait for November to come even though some people don’t understand why they pushed their wedding date to November.

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