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A Nigerian woman allegedly brutalized her niece after she defecated on herself shortly after she denied her access to visiting the toilet earlier.

The website gathered that Nkeiruka Ejinduaka was bathing her child in the bathroom when the girl (name withheld) told her she wanted to use the toilet. Instead of allowing her to use the toilet, she continued with what she was doing until the 8-year-old defecated on her body.

According to a source, This happened this morning, June 1. And this is not the first time she is brutalizing the girl. She had once told her 5-year-old twins to join hands and beat her up. Ejinduaka sits on the girl when she wants to beat her.

At times when she wakes the girl up and send her on an errand and the girl is still sleepy, she drenches this girl with cold water. She constantly tell the girl that she will beat her until she joins her mother in the grave. The girl is the child of her husband’s late sister

Her husband is very much aware. He one time said if anyone challenges his wife for beating the girl, he would face the person. But he said he was not in today when this happened. He said he told his wife not to beat her but to allow the girl clean herself up and go to school.

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