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A baker living in Galadimawa area of Kaduna State called Hassan Magaji has admitted to selling bread to bandits.

Hassan confessed that he sold bread worth N70,000 daily to the bandits during the time some university students were kidnapped. He made this disclosure after being arrested by the Intelligence Response Team of the Inspector-General of Police.

He said;

“I observed that whenever they kidnapped many people, like during the kidnap of those university students, the quantity of bread that they bought increased. During that period I delivered up to N70,000 worth of bread every day until recently when it dropped to N50,000 again.

“I have not benefitted much except that I married a new wife and I was able to save money to take care of two wives. To stop banditry, the government should recruit more security men. We prefer police because they know the job.”

Kaduna state and its environs has terrible place for residents as they suffer persistent attacks from bandits. Aggrieved residents took to the streets of Abuja-Kuduna highway to express their grievances and protest against constant attacks. In the videos which surfaced online, half-naked woman and youth blocked the road and prevented travellers from continuing their journey.

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