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Actress Yvonne Jegede, has fired those attacking her for posting her late ex mother-in-law Bucky saying she misses her when she has separated from her son her ex-husband.

Yvonne Jegede came under an attack from some citizens after her post wishing her ex mother-in-law was around but then has given it back to every single person that tried to shame or slam her because of her post.

Yvonne Jegede reacting to a comment of one critic saying why not come out openly if she wanted her son who is now her ex-husband back since single parenting is not easy rather than going in circles said the critic is mad for saying that.

Another criticizing her for posting the woman after leaving her son asked which kind of witchcraft is Yvonne Jegede trying to be as she has already left her son and Yvonne Jegede replying to that also slammed the critic saying his mother is the witch rather.

Yvonne Jegede even though misses the late mother of her ex-husband has made it clear that she doesn’t need him back in her life and has even gone the extreme by hitting that she has already find love again and has moved on from the past.

But then sharing a photo of the late mother of her ex husband makes some citizens think she misses him even though she has denied that but then which ever reason made her post that, we believe it was just out of love.

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