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Actor cum politician, Yul Edochie, has informed Nigerians leaving the country that he’s their hope as God sent him to liberate his people from the poor governance.

Yul Edochie in a tweet said running away from Nigeria because of the insecurities isn’t the answer even though no one wants to die, at some point in time all of us will die therefore running away won’t solve the problem.

According to him, he’s a man God sent to liberate his people therefore he isn’t going to run away from his fatherland as there’s no point in running away and Nigeians must get it right hence they shouldn’t run away.

Yul Edochie added that he has a plan B and that is No Leave No Transfer which means he isn’t going anywhere apart from Nigeria since he’s the man God has sent to liberate his people from this bad governance.

Yul Edochie has been campaigning ahead of the 2023 election for presidency and now has informed Nigerians that he’s their hope to liberate them from all the suffering as God sent him to liberate them.

He is a man of vision and is also consistent with whatever he sets his mind on doing, but as to whether Nigerians will listen to him and give him the chance to lead them come 2023 we can’t tell as we all are eager to see the outcome of the election.

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