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Yomi Fabiyi and Iyabo Ojo, two colleagues in the movie industry have been going back and forth following the detention of Yoruba actor Baba Ijesha who reportedly molested a minor.

In a fresh post, Fabiyi claimed that Ojo and Nigerian comedian Princess were making plans to end the life of Baba Ijesha if is ever granted bail.

On Wednesday, May 12, 2021, Ojo Actress Iyabo Ojo shared her intentions to sue Yoruba actor Yomi Fabiyi for offensive and vexatious comments in relation to the Baba Ijesha rape case, demanding a public apology and 100 million Naira damages.

However, the tables have turned as Iyabo Ojo posts a conversation between her and Yomi Fabiyi in which he apologized to her, but it seems she is not pleased.

Read statement and post below:

Yomi Fabiyi I ain’t Joking with you, you don’t need to post the apology conversation alone, let me help you post our conversation from the beginning,

Note!! all our voice note is still intact ..

Yomi Fabiyi, I ain’t playing with you, you can’t make peace with me on WhatsApp then I wake up the next day to find out you still clouting with the innocent girl’s case, trying so hard to change the narratives to favorite Baba Ijesha ………
I ain’t backing down no matter how hard you try to twist & turn the story, the earlier you get that into your thick skull the better for you ..

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