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Songstress, Yemi Alade, has disclosed that no matter how much you pay someone, they will never carry your work on their head like the way you would.

Yemi Alade who advised us to stop putting pressure on ourselves is back reminding us that nobody will carry your work on their head the way you would even if you pay them salary therefore it’s up to you to look after your own interest.

According to Yemi Alade, no matter how much you pay people to do a job for you, it will never be the same as you do it yourself because they wouldn’t do it the way you would have done it yourself.

Her post is just to remind us that whatever be the case when you set out to do something yourself, you get the best and desirable result than when you pay others to do that same work for you which you might not like the outcome.

Yemi Alade is a very intelligent artist and knowing that nobody will carry her work on their head the way she would even if she pays them is going to help her a lot as she won’t be depending on others if she has this at the back of her mind.

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