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Vee Worried After Nengi And Her Nephew Made A Cryptic Post And Asked If Everything Okay.

Nengi who is the same person handling the Instagram page for her nephew Davido posted saying he’s comfortable sitting in her car without a seat belt and Nengi replying to that scolded him saying his seat belt should be the first thing when he sits in the car.

Nengi behaved as if her nephew David is the one handling his Instagram page and made that post and Vee upon seeing that got worried that something might be wrong with her friend for her to be handling two accounts as if two different people are handling it.

Therefore, she asked Nengi whether everything is okay with her for her to be doing that, and Negi replying to her asked her to allow her and her nephew David to catch some cruise showing that she’s perfectly fine with what she’s doing.

Vee’s comment asking whether everything is okay indirectly shows she’s asking whether Nengi is mentally stable that she is behaving like someone who is talking to herself and replying to herself again since she’s the one handling David’s account.

Nengi has said countless times that she loves her nephew David so much therefore catching cruise with him pretending as if he’s the one who made the post is just her way of having fun with her nephew who basically doesn’t know what is going on.

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