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BBNaija reality show star Vee has informed a prospective admirer of hers that all her boyfriend Neo does is to catwalk up and down and doesn’t know if he can fight.

Vee replying to her prospective admirer who was admiring her beauty as well as trying to shoot his shots after asking whether her boyfriend Neo can fight said all he does is catwalk up and down and she doesn’t know whether he can fight.

It’s obvious the admirer was asking whether Neo can fight so he prepares himself to fight him for the love of Vee but then Vee gave him away instantly saying all Neo knows to do is catwalk up and down and she has no idea whether he can fight.

According to Vee, only God knows whether Neo can fight or not as all he does is catwalk up and down since she hasn’t seen him fight anyone before and all she knows that he could do well is catwalk up and down.

This information Vee gave about Neo to her admirer gives him an upper hand over Neo when it comes to fighting but also a bit scary because who knows whether he knows how to fight but hasn’t shown it to Vee before.

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