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Actress Uche Elendu has chid a troll who called the mother of Regina Daniels, Rita Daniels ‘ashawo mama’ saying this is how people bring curses upon themselves.

The troll commenting on a post of Rita Daniels called her ‘ashawo mama’ for no reason and Rita Daniels in return cursed him saying his mother won’t know no peace and the troll later also cursed Rita Daniels that her children will mourn her soon.

Uche Elendu got angry with the interaction that happened between Rita Daniels and the troll hence scolding the troll saying what he did is such disrespect and he has no regard for basic principles asking who trained him.

According to Uche Elendu, this is how some people attract curses on themselves and their family for having a flippant tongue and it hurt her to see that youths of today don’t respect or regard their elders because of social media.

Thanks to social media, some youths turn to insult and curse their elders without feeling any remorse for their action and that seems to be the case of this guy who incurred the wrath of Rita Daniels on himself with his post.

Calling someone’s mother ‘ashawo mama’ for no reason is a total disrespect but guess this guy has grown wings that he turned to curse Rita Daniels back after she cursed him for disrespecting her in such a disgraceful manner.

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