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Veteran Nigerian actress, Uche Ebere has reacted to a recent post media personality, Toke Makinwa made on social media where she cried out about her crave for love.

Toke Makinwa, who divorced her estranged husband and fitness coach, Maje Ayida took to her Twitter page and revealed that she is extremely hungry for love.

Reacting to this, Uche Ebere indirect took a swipe at her pointing to the fact that a man is still very important in a woman’s life despite how rich or successful is and insisted the woman is nothing without a man.

Sharing her two cents on the need for a man to have a man in his life even after all that she has achieved in life, Uche Ebere revealed that money is not enough as companion in life is key and it is imperative for young girls to know about this in their early years.

In her words:

“I doon’t need a man, I can be without a man, what a man can do woman can do better, husband is not an achievement, blablablablabla, Osetigo deceiving young girls, but when they reach to a certain age they will now realize that a man is very important in a woman’s life just like a woman is important to a man’s life.

“See, money is not enough, a woman that has money without a man by her side as a husband worth nothing to important mattered, the earlier our young girls know this, the better for them.”

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