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Actress Toyin Abraham is back on the gram with a piece of advice to citizens making fun of Desmond Elliot asking them to stop it because it’s annoying.

Toyin Abraham left the gram a week ago after she allegedly went ill and now has returned with advice to citizens who are using Desmond Elliot’s name for jokes online saying it’s actually annoying hence they should stop.

According to Toyin Abraham. she feels like if they continue with this Desmond Elliot joke then it will be bad as it’s already annoying now, therefore, pleading with netizens to put an end to it so everyone can have their peace.

Someone who seems to be part of those using Desmond Elliot’s name for jokes on the gram replying to Toyin Abraham asked whether she wants to subscribe for dragging with what she said asking her to stand down before they drag her.

Toyin Abraham replying to that made it clear that she doesn’t support Desmond Elliot but then the joke they are making using his name is now annoying because they need to be serious for others to see that they are serious with all that is happening.

Desmond Elliot became a muse on the internet after making a comment suggesting that there should be a law to control social media in Nigeria among other things and is actually blamed for every single thing on the gram and that is what Toyin Abraham is saying has become annoying.

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