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OAP Toolz has expressed disappointment in her son for not being able to ask questions about the insecurity in the country upon all the school fees she pays.

OAP Toolz just like every parent expressed disappointment that her young son couldn’t ask her about some trending issues in the country with all the school fees she has been paying as she expects him to know more.

According to OAP Toolz, she’s low-key disappointed that her son who is two and a half years old hasn’t come to her with a ‘mama how do you think the current insecurity issues will impact Nigeria’s economy.

Or even ask her how her crypto is doing because she’s paying too much for his school fees and expect him to have a fair idea o the trending issues in the country but he isn’t and that has made her disappointed low-key.

OAP Toolz added that she thought by now she would be having some in-depth conversation with her two and a half years old son but then that isn’t happening as she wanted as he has no idea what she’s expecting from him.

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