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Actress Tonto Dikeh is so elated over the new Instagram blocking features asking Mark to send his account so she can credit him saying he deserves a bottle of a cold star.

The new Instagram blocking features allow you to block someone and the new accounts that they may create in the future and Tonto Dikeh is so excited with these new features as it will help block some people forever.

According to Tonto Dikeh, the new Instagram blocking feature is a definition of no one is allowed to stress me as she’s able to block someone’s present and future accounts for them not to bother her anymore with their comments.

Tonto Dikeh then asked her fans to give it up for Instagram as their news blocking feature is savage and she’s so happy with it because with that she wouldn’t have to bother herself with blocking people over and over again.

This new Instagram feature will help our celebrities and public figures the most as they will be able to block those who troll or criticize them wrongly and that is one reason why Tonto Dikeh is so excited about the new feature.

Tonto Dikeh even asked Mark the owner of Instagram to send her his account so she can spoil him a little because he deserves a cold bottle of star for bringing such a feature which will help her not allow anyone to stress her.

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