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OAP Toke Makinwa has subtly shaded Reno Omokri after news of him having a baby with his side chick and leaving his wife for her went viral.

Reno Omokri in some of his posts trying to advise young people shaded Toke Makinwa but then didn’t mention her name directly and now Toke Makinwa is about to return that favor by shading him without mentioning his name.

According to her, she hopes for Reno Omokri’s sake the news circulating is not true but then she guesses he now knows how it feels to have untrue things said about you and he knows how it feels to be judged by a false story.

Toke Makinwa further added that let what is circulating not be true because if it turns out to be true, she will tag him but then for all the times that he insulted her he has never mentioned her directly so she will indirectly return a favor.

Toke Makinwa then sarcastically added that truly everybody must eat breakfast saying so there is dirt on that guy that constantly abuses women and calls them trash hoping the news isn’t true or she will return a favor.

Toke Makinwa is so determined to return Reno Omokri’s favor of abusing women and calling them names and even indirectly shading her for going under the knife and being a divorcee but hopes for his sake the news circulating shouldn’t be true.

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