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Nigerian media personality and entrepreneur, Toke Makinwa has revealed that she will be back to co- host the live shows of the popular show ‘The Voice’ Nigeria.

There rumors of the media personality been sacked by the organizers of the show after fans released the YouTuber and social media influencer was no where to be found in a couple of the shows episodes aired recently.

Toke Makinwa is supposed to co-host the musical show with colleague Nancy Isime but seems to be missing in action in recently aired episodes of the show as Nancy is seen doing all the work by herself.

A fan who seems to be worried about why the actress and media personality is missing on the screens of the show took to micro blogging site Twitter to ask Toke on why fans has not been seeing her lately.

@tokstarr why aren’t we seeing you on the voice anymore. I thought they said you’re co-host. Why are we only seeing Nancy Isime

Toke Makinwa replying to the fan and debunking all the rumors stated that she’s missing out on the current episodes of the show been aired now because those episodes were filmed back in October and she was at that time suffering from COVID-19.

She reaffirms that she will definitely be back as the co- host of during the live shows of the with Nancy Isime.

I had Covid at the time of the taping in October, will be back at the Live shows

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