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Toke Makinwa shared a post of someone else to remind us that when we fight our way to the top, it gets lonely over there but then when we decided to stay at the bottom too it’s going to be miserable for us there.

This popular saying is very true as almost everyone who struggles to the top turns to confirm that indeed when you get to the top it’s very lonely but then when you stay at the bottom too life is very miserable over there.

The reason why they say it gets lonely at the top is that the moment you get there, there are certain things you can’t do and the people you mingle with actually changes but you can’t stay at the bottom too because it’s miserable there and Toke Makinwa has just reminded us of that.

Toke Makinwa might be feeling lonely in her circle now that she’s getting to the top but then she can’t come back to the bottom too because it’s just miserable over there hence it’s up to her to endure her loneliness.

Toke Makinwa might be at the top of her circle and that could explain why she feels lonely even though she posts photos and videos with some friends she goes out to enjoy life with and coming to the bottom means she wants her life to be miserable.

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