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Teniola Apata better known as Teni the entertainer has asked those she’s owing some money to forgive her because Jesus has paid for her sins.

Teni in a video shared on her Instagram page was making fun of the guys around her asking whether she owes any of them some money but then added that they should forgive her because Jesus has paid for it all.

According to her, if she’s owing you any amount of money, forgive her because Jesus has paid for all her sins hence she has nothing to pay for as if all the money she owes was paid by Jesus when He paid for our sins.

This is a popular saying that has been circulating on social media that people use to tease those they owe some amount of money but has no hope of paying soon and Teni has joined asking those she owes to forgive her because Jesus has paid for it all.

Jesus Christ paid for all our sins and not the money that you owe your fellow human being hence trying to be sarcastic saying if you owe someone they should forgive you because Jesus has paid for your sins is not right.

Teni is a Multi-talented and award-winning Nigerian female singer, songwriter, entertainer, stage performer, and a recording female artist, Who has a net worth of $600,000 dollars according to Google.

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