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Opening up on her marriage in an interview, Temitope Ayefele said her husband’s fans, females specifically can only admire him from a distance but if anyone dares go close to him, she will be burnt by Holy Ghost fire.

She said;

“They are welcome to be his fans and they can also admire him. My husband is a very good looking man; a super star and hard-working person. They can like and admire him though from a distance because if you come too close they will be burnt by the ‘fire of the Holy Ghost’.

My husband looks good and nice all the time and that has cost me a lot of time and affection. But on a lighter note, I have never been bothered about my husband’s so-called admirers. I love and respect his fans. I did not marry anybody’s husband. I married the husband of my youth, and God has lightened my path all the way”

I love fame and glamour but we decided to separate our lives from the public glare. My husband is always out there working. He is the one representing the family. I always enjoy watching him out there, giving his best. I am not a shy person but both of us cannot be out there. It would affect our home, so we decided not to make our private lives public….

We attend some events together if I am around and am invited. But most times, he goes to events to work— singing for people— and I can’t be following him around while he’s doing his job. If he is not the one performing at the event and the invitation is for the two of us, we would attend together.”

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